June 25, 2009

your own ideas.

Just wanted to share with you at what is happeing at munchkin designs. It's not just about us after all.

If you were looking for something specific and didn't see it in the store, don't be shy, just ask.

We are here to please...lol.

Some ideas that might be specific:

having your blogs logo on a coffee mug.

having your childs first drawing on a T-shirt or put on cards to send to your friends and family. (lets face it, you cant beat kids drawings.)

also, don't be surprised if you start to see a line of products with my munchkins drawings on it....got my fingers crossed that thye will come up with some great designs.

Maybe its the name of your 'yacht'. We all have one don't we?

The ideas are endless.

So the bus just doesn't stop here.

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