June 29, 2009

the baby onesie

How cute is this? It's a Baby Body shirt (baby onesie). The onesie is an indispensable part of every baby's wardrobe. This onesie is made with 100% organic baby rib cotton, combed for softness and comfort. Designed for easy on-and-off. Fits all babies – both boys and girls. Triple-seat snaps for bottom/diaper closure. It's also a great gift for the new moms or the new dads.

Of course it comes in all different sizes. So here you go my gay and lesbian readers. Yes, there is one for moms too, don't go getting pissed at me. It also comes in toddler sizes and children's. But we all know, that's where it will end. Let's face it, when a kid starts getting older, he will no longer be wanting to advertise the fact he has parents, never alone gay/lesbian parents. SO enjoy them while you can.
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