November 11, 2009


just wanted to let everyone know about a great offer that is going on at zazzle. Its a
Veterans Day Sale! $5 OFF ALL ORDERS $35 or more! Use Code: VETERANSDAY9 THis Ends Sunday.

so come and check out my store, if there is nothing in there, there are so many other great designers to choose from. So go ahead, take a peek, you know you want to.

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November 8, 2009


Ive gone red. deep red that is. I have always loved the color red. I have done some of my products with a dash of red, but I decided to make red the theme color on the next of my products.

I also decided to start making some unique birthday cards. I cant tell you how many times I needed to get a birthday card at the last minute, and I have used these gross blank cards because I didn't have time to go to the store.

I cant be the only one. Or can I?

never the less, I decided to make some and that way we can order some and just have them stuffed in a closet for when we needed one.

But at the same time, I didn't want them to be those 'stocked' cards that people get so I decided to make them unique, this way people will think you went way out of your way to find shhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone.

birthday card card
birthday card by clean_world
cards made online with zazzle

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November 6, 2009

applause applause applause

OK, so i didn't win the big 2000, or even come in second. But I got an Honorable mention.

I really wasn't expecting to win anything. You should of seen some of these amazing binders.

I am truly honored and touched and the comments that people left me on my zazzle store were all so wonderful.

Ive been under so much stress lately with the munchkins doing their 'special needs' dance, that it has been pretty hard to enjoy the day to day stuff that happens

So, needless to say, this came as a wonderful surprise.

not only that, I sold two of the binders, which is a big push on my ego. (I don't sell too

But when i opened my store account....everyone sitting down?....somebody bought 250 thanksgiving cards from me.

Plus, there was no 'special needs dance' in the house yesterday. Divide and conquer is what we

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