June 30, 2009

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June 29, 2009

the baby onesie

How cute is this? It's a Baby Body shirt (baby onesie). The onesie is an indispensable part of every baby's wardrobe. This onesie is made with 100% organic baby rib cotton, combed for softness and comfort. Designed for easy on-and-off. Fits all babies – both boys and girls. Triple-seat snaps for bottom/diaper closure. It's also a great gift for the new moms or the new dads.

Of course it comes in all different sizes. So here you go my gay and lesbian readers. Yes, there is one for moms too, don't go getting pissed at me. It also comes in toddler sizes and children's. But we all know, that's where it will end. Let's face it, when a kid starts getting older, he will no longer be wanting to advertise the fact he has parents, never alone gay/lesbian parents. SO enjoy them while you can.
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June 26, 2009

got ideas?

hi all,

its me again. I cant wait to get this blog rolling and start to really track how one can make some money from using their own graphic designs and start making money.

There are no quick sure ways to make allot of money online. So be warned by those ads.

It takes allot of time and patience to get going.

Since this blog is brand spanking new, I am actually excited to start to document my updates as I branch out and try to sell my graphics.

So keep up with me, and we can take this journey together.

who knows, maybe you will have some ideas too.

ebay today

so I decided to try to sell a mug on ebay. What can it hurt, right? Not sure how this whole ebay thing works. I guess they do 'biddings' on items, whatever that means...lol

so there it is, waiting to be bid on.

I'm not expecting to much from it, its the 'luv 2 moms' mug. I choose 2 moms over 2 dads because lets face it, there are more of them.

Its a very restricted audience so we will see.

anyway, wish me luck as munchkin products takes off, hopefully it will give other graphic designers to start marketing their own stuff.

June 25, 2009

No I wont do it.

Hi all,

I know I mentioned in a previous post about how you can ask for specific graphics and we will be happy to do it for you.

But uhhh, uhhh, I have to take that back.

I pretty much sold my soul to the devil as it is, but I do have some standards, they may be low, but I got 'em.

So here goes:

I will NOT produce:

anti-gay/lesbian products


anti- president (unless of course he/she is a republican, even then, not so sure Ill do it)



anti-gay marriage


I'm sure there are a few other things I won't do, my feeling is, if it doesn't feel right, I wont do it. But you can always ask.

With that said, yea, let me know. If we cant or even wont do it, I know a few who will....lol

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your own ideas.

Just wanted to share with you at what is happeing at munchkin designs. It's not just about us after all.

If you were looking for something specific and didn't see it in the store, don't be shy, just ask.

We are here to please...lol.

Some ideas that might be specific:

having your blogs logo on a coffee mug.

having your childs first drawing on a T-shirt or put on cards to send to your friends and family. (lets face it, you cant beat kids drawings.)

also, don't be surprised if you start to see a line of products with my munchkins drawings on it....got my fingers crossed that thye will come up with some great designs.

Maybe its the name of your 'yacht'. We all have one don't we?

The ideas are endless.

So the bus just doesn't stop here.

Zazzle me this

Hi all,

Welcome to Munchkin Designs.

I am FREE!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a long time coming and I have finally left my last 'site' and I am now on my own. Which I feel has been a great move for me.

I really enjoyed my last 'site', and the people over there were great, but it was time to move on. I didn't come to this decision lightly. I will miss allot of great folks over there.

I am excited to start this new venture as I now have more 'freedom' to do what I want, when I want, and not have to worry about all those deadlines. (can you say, phewwww)

I am sorry to say, very few products I was able to take with me, the rest of them belong to that 'site'. This has nothing to do with the other 'site' being jerks, it was the legal contract I agreed too when I joined. When joining most of these type of sites, there are certain agreements you have to make. It's just the way it is.

Now without further adue,

I know allot of you have asked me "what really happened?" Just so were all clear and on the same page, the biggest reason for me leaving that 'site', is now I can really balance my family life, work, and art. It was a personal decision and had NOTHING to do with the owners.

I appreciate all the support that I got from everyone on leaving, and hope you can all follow me here.

It feels good to start over but at the same time I realize its going to take some time to get this site up and running, so just bare with me as I make this transition.

Thanks everyone.