July 12, 2009

(sorry folks, just looked up what the word meant)

How cute is this? There was a woman at work who really loves lady bugs. So I made her a mug and with that, i kinda decided to do more with the lady bug. I thought this was so cute so I decided to post it here.

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  1. umm..it IS really cute, but are you aware of what that word actually means? (I never knew til I married a Brit~ I just thought it was a cute word) but it might not be totally appropriate for baby wear, and perhaps not the message you want to communicate to your readers here:)

  2. thanks, I had no idea...lol. Off the shelf with that and ill change the word to something else...lol.

  3. no problem-glad I could help- when I first met my hubby I had a whole vocabulary of these "cute" British words that I didnt know the real meaning of- he was scandalized to hear them coming from my normally proper mouth, lol...